We launched FuturesBuzz.com in September 2000. Our original intention was to make information about the Futures Industry more accessible and easier to read for investors. On one hand, we want to point out the really bad people in the industry - problem brokers. By telling the stories on how they defrauded investors, we believe this will make investors more aware and hopefully avoid some of these schemes. On the other hand, we feel the industry regulators, the CFTC and NFA, get a bit overzealous in their role.

FuturesBuzz has since evolved into a one-stop portal of information for futures and commodities traders. We have received many requests to offer more trading resources for investors that they could find on one website. We now offer many new resources that are regularly updated.

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All our information is free for investors to use. We welcome any feedback you would like to contribute and we ask that you please visit our advertisers and sponsors to help support our website.

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