Ranked by Latest 36 Months Annual Average Returns
Period of Jan 2006 - Dec 2008
(Data Provided by managedfutures.com)

01 Elk River Trading, LLC: Elk River Trading Program *FXE* 105.08%
02 Paskewitz Asset Management, LLC: Contrarian 3X Stock Index Program *QEP* 36.78%
03 Quality Capital Management Ltd: Global Diversified Programme *QEP* 36.29%
04 Aisling Analytics Pte Ltd: Merchant Commodity *FRN* *CLSD* 35.54%
05 Clarke Capital Management, Inc.: Millennium Program 34.83%
06 Altis Partners (Jersey) Limited: Global Futures Portfolio *QEP* 32.90%
07 Hawksbill Capital Management: Global Diversified Program 30.42%
08 Di Tomasso Group Inc.: Equilibrium Program *QEP* 29.27%
09 Blackwater Capital Management LLC: Blackwater Global Program *QEP* 29.21%
10 Quicksilver Trading, Inc: Diversified Program *QEP* 28.51%
11 Saxon Investment Corporation: Aggressive Diversified Program 27.52%
12 Beach Horizon, LLP: Beach Horizon, LLP *QEP* 26.99%
13 EMC Capital Management, Inc.: Classic Program 26.52%
14 Mulvaney Capital Management Ltd: Global Diversified Program *QEP* 25.09%
15 Fall River Capital, LLC: Global Strategies HL Program 24.81%
16 SMN Investment Services GmbH: Diversified Futures *FRN* 24.06%
17 Conquest Capital Group LLC: Conquest Macro Program *QEP* 23.93%
18 Waypoint Capital Management LLC: Diversified Program *QEP* 23.55%
19 Conquest Capital Group LLC: Managed Futures Select Program *QEP* 21.88%
20 Transtrend B.V.: Diversified Trend Program - Enhanced Risk USD 21.05%
21 Hyman Beck & Company, Inc.: Global Portfolio/FONT> 21.03%
22 Mark J. Walsh & Company: Standard Program 19.31%
23 DUNN Capital Management, Inc.: World Monetary Assets System 19.00%
24 Global Advisors LP: Global Commodity Systematic Portfolio *QEP* 18.92%
25 Peninsula, LP: Tactical Macro Short-Term Futures Program *QEP* 18.87%
26 Abraham Trading Company: Diversified Program 18.69%
27 NuWave Investment Corp.: Combined Futures Portfolio 2X 18.30%
28 NuWave Investment Corp.: Combined Futures Portfolio 1X 18.14%
29 John Locke Investments: Cyril Systematic Program (USD) *PROP* 17.88%
30 Winton Capital Management Ltd: Diversified Trading Program *CLSD* 17.48%
31 Molinero Capital Management LLP: Global Markets Program *QEP* 17.45%
32 Eckhardt Trading Company: Standard Program - Higher Leveraged 17.40%
33 SSARIS Advisors, LLC: Diversified Trading Program *QEP* 17.36%
34 Welton Investment Corporation: Global Directional Portfolio *QEP* 16.93%
35 Eclipse Capital Management, Inc.: Global Monetary Program *QEP* 16.53%
36 KMJ Capital Management, LLC: Currency Program 16.36%
37 Rivoli Fund Management: Rivoli International Master Portfolio EUR *FRN* *QEP* 16.31%
38 Drury Capital, Inc.: Diversified Trend-Following Program *QEP* 15.99%
39 Eckhardt Trading Company: Standard Program 15.86%
40 Rosetta Capital Management LLC: Rosetta Trading Program *QEP* 15.58%

*QEP: These programs may only be available to QEP's (Qualified Eligible Persons) as defined under the (CFTC) Regulation 4.7.
CLSD: These programs are currently closed to new investments.
FXE: These programs trade only the foreign exchange markets and are exempt from CFTC registration and NFA membership.
FRN: The traders of these programs may be registered with a regulatory body outside of the United States but are not necessarily registered with the CFTC or NFA members. Therefore, these programs may be closed to U.S. investors.
PROP: Proprietary

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